Student Success Leaders (SSL) Scheme

The SSL program started in 2015 and has been very successful since.

Goals of CNHS Student Success Leaders program:
  • Enhance college students' leadership skills
  • Improve college major students’ academic standing
  • Facilitate learning and advising processes in the College
  • Promote college majors
  • Promoting and supporting student policies and procedures across the college
  • Assist/support college advising team to organize and participate in student events
  • Liaise with college advising team (Academic Success Advisor, Assistant Dean and Student reps) to effectively communicate their fellow student concerns related to particular major.

Participants: College male and female students with above 3 CGPA (students in semesters 5, 6, 7).

A group representing each major:

  • A total of 3 majors within CNHS
    • ESS major
    • PHN major
    • PHS major
  • For the male students, only one group of ESS major
  • Each group selected at the start of every academic year.
  • Each group with a leader and a minimum of 2-3 students needed for each group

Under the supervision of the Assistant Dean and Academic Advisor, the CNHS SSL will:

  • Organize a welcome meeting for students and faculty at the beginning of the year and a welcome meeting for new students together with faculty in spring semesters.
    • The first meeting will be in August/September
    • The next meeting will be in February
  • Run workshops for at-risk students (students with CGPA of 2.39 and below). Each group will do one workshop in one of the below categories. Designed outlines will be given to the students.
    • Effective time management
    • Goal setting and academic accomplishments
    • Good communication and writing skills
    • Analytical and research skills
    • Groups will handle organizing workshops during both semesters
  • Participate in the Academic Integrity Open Day for CNHS
    • Design flyers for ZU Honor Code and Academic Integrity
    • Explain to students the ZU academic integrity and the consequences of violating it
  • Promote the CNHS majors
    • Participate in the Majors Day, Parents Evening and Open Day for high school students
    • Major representatives of UC students doing career exploration class
  • Assist the Assistant Dean and the Academic Advisor with the advising workshops
    • The Assistant Dean and the Academic Advisor will run advising workshops for returning and new students:
      • General advising processes and student policies
      • Grades First
      • Degree Works
  • To organize Graduation Event with the college advising team
  • Gifts including prizes, trophies, and certificates. Digital badges points, On campus employment option