CNHS Service Learning Digital Badge


The Service Learning Digital Badge system is a system which intends to allow students, staff, and all related faculty a method of evaluating and highlighting student-involvement in several fields, specialties, and activity areas. The Service Learning Digital Badge aims to serve as an incentive and challenge to encourage students to partake and dedicate their time to both entertaining and informative activities and pursuits. Options will additionally be available to automatically update the progress of the Digital Badge onto an online platform, student CVs and E-Portfolios, and both official and personal social media accounts.


1. Community Service
2. Participation in Campus-Related Events
3. Participation in Course and/or College and Program Related Activities

Community Service

  • On-campus events such as health fairs, Innovation week, high school students visit, parents visits and student led awareness of UAE public health and Environmental issues. (Student participation can be assessed by level of student involvement such as group project presentations in the form of poster, models, organized quizzes or educational games)

  • Attending Faculty/Staff presentations or lectures in the community

  • Attending events in UAE and abroad, international conferences etc.

Participation in Campus-Related Events

  • Promotional campaign for College programs at Majors day, Career Fair, School Visits, National Day and Alumni meet events etc. (Assessment based on level of students participation such as development of promotional materials like posters, flyers, short videos and support to faculty and staff during these events.)

  • Awareness workshops delivered by local governmental and non-governmental agencies and outside guest speakers.(can be assessed by certificate of attendance or questionnaire given to attends at the end of workshop by the speaker )

  • Attending and volunteering in ZU workshops

  • Participating in advising or Academic Success Workshops

  • Career Development Workshops

Participation in Course and/or College and Program Related Activities

  • Off campus events such public speaking competition, presentation and participation in the projects or initiatives organized by local governmental agencies. (Organizers feedback is enough to evaluate students’ participation).

  • Course or discipline specific field trips (Evaluation is possible by written report submitted by students to the concerned instructor)

  • Attending and volunteering in College Forums

  • Volunteering in Faculty & Staff Workshops

  • Attending and participating in special events like Science Festival and Think Science


Students will be evaluated and rewarded in accordance to the number of hours they contribute and dedicate from their time totaling from all above mentioned categories and more. This will be accurately and fairly calculated using online time-sheet systems specified faculty and staff will be assigned to. The Service Learning Digital Badge system will be open to all students throughout the entirety of their educational journey and beyond, as it will also give a chance for Alumni to engage themselves in the process. The awarding system is divided as follows:

Bronze Badge: 30 hours total/student
Silver Badge: 60 hours total/student
Gold Badge: 75 hours total/student
Platinum Badge: 100 hours total/student