Research and service wise, the college have a very active team of faculty members including 43 PhD holders and associates that work hard to reach out to the community, government and industrial sectors to provide help in key areas. These include: public health, nutrition, psychology, water management, water security, sustainable water production, environmental air and noise quality and assessment, waste management, energy from waste, energy options, energy policy, climate change, ecosystems, marine pollution, natural resource management and environmental innovation amongst others. In addition to our internationally recognized academic research output we also provide experienced strategic thinking and advice on the most valuable ways to direct both regional and national environmental and health effectiveness through our consultancy services.

Key Research Objectives of CNHS
  • Increase budget spend on Zayed University research

  • Increase the number of students involved in research

  • Increase Zayed University publications

  • Develop collaborative research with government and commercial entities


  • Industry Engagement

  • Delivery of International Quality Research

  • Publication of Research Papers in Internationally Respected Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Engagement of Students in Research

  • Develop UG, PG & Academic CPD Courses

  • Development of Commercial Consulting Activities

  • Development of Collaborative Opportunities