Assistant Professor

BSc (Hons) Psychology; MSc (Psychology); MSc (Clinical Psychology); PhD (Clinical Psychology)


In my professional capacity as a clinical psychologist, I am particularly interested in the mental health and emotional difficulties encountered by university students, especially depression and anxiety.The impact of emotional difficulties on students' academic performance is one of my research interests; hence, my research is focused on introducing digital interventions that can support their mental and emotional well-being.
The majority of my training experience has been in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. The Beck Institution in Florida, USA, has awarded me a certificate of completion for their depression, suicidality and post-traumatic stress disorder training program. Furthermore, I was involved in an intensive training program with the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology in Dubai.

I have successfully demonstrated my competence in the field of educational, ability and attainment testing, and have been awarded the Test User qualification by the British Psychological Society's Psychological Testing Center. This recognition affirms my skills and knowledge in administering, interpreting and using tests related to education, cognitive abilities and academic achievement. During my tenure as a senior counselor in the student affairs department of Zayed University, I had the opportunity to utilize my skills and expertise to develop several important initiatives. Specifically, I was responsible for establishing both a wellness center and an assessment unit to support students with learning difficulties.

I am a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), accredited by the British Psychological Society, and a licensed practitioner with the Dubai Health Authority and the Community Development Authority. With years of experience in the field, I have had the privilege of serving on various committees aimed at supporting students academically and emotionally.


  • Assistant Professor (Zayed University)

  • Senior student counselor (Zayed University)

  • Senior student counselor (Dubai university)


Dubai Academic City, A-L2-035


+9714 402 1750

Teaching Areas

Mental health and psychological disorders

Psychological interventions and digital interventions  

Psychological Assessment Tests and Measurement

Research and Professional Activities

  • British Psychological Society ( 673906)– Chartered Status (CPsychol)

  • Member of Register of Qualification in Test Use (RQTU) (299856)

  • Licensed as Clinical Psychologist by Dubai Health Authority (44122483)

  • Licensed as Social Therapist by Community Development Authority (CDA-PL-0001020)


  • Awadalla, S., Davies, E.B. & Glazebrook, C. A longitudinal cohort study to explore the relationship between depression, anxiety and academic performance among Emirati university students. BMC Psychiatry 20, 448 (2020).

  • Using an online CBT-based intervention to improve academic performance in students with low mood: A pre-post study with historical control. (This article is under review for publication in the Journal PLOS Digital Health). DOI: 10.21203/