Associate Professor
PhD in Medicine (nutrition), 2016, Faculty of Medicine, The university of Sydney, Australia
Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2009, The university of Sydney, Australia
BSc Applied Sciences (Biochemistry), The Lebanese University, Lebanon



Myriam Abboud is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) in the Dietitian Association of Australia (DAA) and is currently an instructor in the Department of Health Sciences in Abu Dhabi where she is teaching and conducting research. Myriam completed her PhD in Medicine in May 2016 and her areas of interest include vitamin D deficiency and its links to obesity and Diabetes.

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Aug 2021-Present: Associate Professor Zayed University, Dubai, UAE

Aug 2013-Aug 2021: Assistant Professor Zayed University, Dubai, UAE

Dec 2009 till Jul 2013- Founder and Director of All About Nutrition - Sydney Australia-Private Practice
All About Nutrition was established in 2009 and expended to various areas in Sydney Metro. Nutrition clinics were based in Medical Centers and offered nutrition consultations to individuals and organisations. All About Nutrition was one of the well recognized nutrition. consultancies in Sydney until sold in July 2013

Clinical Nutrition:

  • Develop resources for major clinical conditions
  • Perform a detailed nutritional health assessment, estimate nutritional requirements, educate patient about health condition and design a tailored dietary plan.
  • Provide clients/patients with up-to-date nutritional advice based on sound medical information and nutrition science principles.Optimise health outcomes through regular follow ups and motivation startegies.

Corporate Nutrition: Sony Pictures and Private Corporate Groups (ProFit fitness)-Sydney

  • Onsite nutrition seminars as part of a health and wellbeing program
  • Translation of scientific evidence into practical nutrition advice
  • Interactive group education aiming at motivating and empowering employees to achieve long term lifestyle changes

Public Health Nutrition

  • Australian National Heart Foundation NSW

This project was a collaborative project between the Local Government Councils and the National Heart Foundation (NHF), which aims to improve food outlets proprietors’ access of accurate information on healthier fats and oils.

Jan 2011 till July 2013: Physiology Lecturer at the University Of Sydney

Feb till April 09- Westmead Hospital and Concord Hospital , Sydney NSW


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, C-L1- 36


+971 55 8780012

Teaching Areas

HSC 328- Diet planning and assessment
HSC 422-Nutrition counseling
CHE 331- Biochemistry
HSC 318- Food science
HSC 491- Senior Project

Research and Professional Activities

Ambassador of The University of Sydney at 1st Asia-Europe Students’ Forum at The University of Groningen (RUG), Groningen, The Netherlands, 2013


-Accuro. 2014-Present. Nutrition consultant responsible for reviewing school menus and developing healthy meal plans that meet international and local standards.


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