Dr. Robert Boldi

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, LES Dubai Campus

1992, Ph.D, Atmospheric Chemistry/Meteorology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

1981, Master of Science, Environmental Science, University of Montana,

Environmental Studies Program Missoula, Montana, U.S.A.

1974, Bachelor of Science, Biology, Boston College, College of Arts and Sciences

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, U.S.A.



 Dr. Robert Boldi is an American environmental scientist (PhD MIT, 1992) with over twenty years of experience in a variety of environmental problems from the local scale to the global scale. He has worked as an Air-Quality consultant to various United States local, state and federal governmental bodies, advising on environmental effects of various industrial activities.

He was on the team that created the first American Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to request an IMPROVEMENT in the air quality on behalf of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Tribe.  (The Northern Cheyenne are a North American Indian Tribe having semi-autonomous governing authority). He worked on the local effects of oil fires, electrical power production, aluminum smelting, and phosphorus production.  He also participated in large field campaigns studying the atmosphere of some the cleanest, most remote locations on Earth. 

As a visiting Fulbright Scholar, sponsored by the US Department of State, he taught at the Tunisian National Engineering School ( l'ENIT )  and gave public talks on the air pollution problems facing developing countries of the Mid-East. 

He currently is an Associate Professor in the college of Natural and Health Sciences at Zayed University, Dubai UAE. His research interests are environmental problems of urban development with an emphasis on atmospheric chemistry.  He is currently conducting research on how the latest series of earth observing satellites operated by NASA and ESA can greatly increase our understanding of local and global air pollution.

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2012 – Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences, Zayed University, Dubai.

2009 – 2012 Tutor and Research Coordinator, Bahrain Polytechnic, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain.

2007 --2008 Research Scientist, National Space Science Technology Center, University of Alabama, Huntsville, AL. USA

2006 - 2007 Visiting Fulbright Professor, National Engineering Institute of Tunis, Tunisia (Sponsored by the United States Department of State).

1986–2006 Research scientist - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and MIT-Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, Massachusetts (USA).



Dubai Academic City, Dubai Campus C-L1-003

Teaching Areas

Urban Air quality, remote sensing, real-time programming

Research and Professional Activities

Measuring environmental pollution from satellites.

Modeling and measuring pollution of the air and water.

Monitoring global lightning via Schumann Resonances



  American Meteorological Society  (AMS)

  American Geophysical Union ( AGU )



Satori, G., Williams, E., Boldi, R., Yampolski, Y., & Koloskov, A. (2015). Effects of Energetic Solar Emissions on the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity of Schumann resonances. Surveys in Geophysics.

Williams, E., Kuo, C., Bor, J., Satori, G., Newsome, R., R. Boldi (2012). Resolution of the sprite polarity paradox: The role of halos. Radio Science - Published by the American Geophysical Union (AGU).