BSc Hons Nutrition and Food Systems. The University of Huddersfield, UK. (1990)
MPhil. Health Promotion Policy. The University of Huddersfield, UK. (1994)
NHS Public Health Leadership. Manchester Business School (2000)
PhD Public Health. The University of Liverpool, UK. (2006)
PG Cert. Teaching in Higher Education (Distinction) (2006)


Professional Accreditation

  • R.Nutr. (PHN), Registered Public Health Nutritionist (Association for Nutrition, UK)

  • MFPH (Hon). Honorary Member by Distinction Faculty of Public Health Medicine, UK.

  • FHEA, Fellow Higher Education Authority, UK.


2021- present date - Professor Public Health and Nutrition, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

2013- 2020 - Professor Public Health & Nutrition and Departmental Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences, University of Chester, England, UK.

2014 – 2021 Non-executive director, Brio Leisure, England, UK.

- (2013 – Present) - Honorary Professor Public Health, University of Chester, England, UK

- (2009- Present) - Visiting Senior Fellow, Public Health, The University of Liverpool, England, UK

- (1994-Present)- International Tutor European Training Consortia Public Health & Health Promotion (ETCPH)

- (2009 – to present) - UK Active Scientific Advisory Board, (2013-Present); Health and Social Care Research Wales, Advisor (2008-present)

2008-2013 - Reader and Chair (Health Sciences), Glyndwr University. Wales, UK

1994-2008 - Lecturer Public Health Nutrition, The University of Liverpool, England, UK

1990-1994 - Research Assistant and Teaching Adjunct, University of Huddersfield, England, UK


  • Over 30 years’ experience in academic Public Health with specialisations in Health Promotion, policy development and evaluation; strength-based approaches to Health and Wellbeing; Community Resilience and Social Cohesion; Community Nutrition; Addressing Inequalities in population Nutrition and Health

  • National policy and consultancy roles within the field of Public Health, Health Promotion, Community and Family Health, Wellbeing, Nutrition, Physical Activity;

  • International training consultant in Salutogenesis (strength -based approaches), resilience and Quality of Life.

  • Over 10 years’ experience in strategic and senior academic leadership positions including Head of Subject and Associate Dean;

  • Honorary Membership by Distinction (2000) of the Faculty of Public Health (Medicine), awarded in recognition of research and policy contributions to addressing inequalities in nutrition and public health.

  • Honours and awards in Teaching & Learning, including Distinction PG Cert. University of Liverpool;

  • Recipient of and participant in the highly acclaimed Welsh Crucible Award for development of outstanding research leaders and innovators in Wales (2013);

  • Substantive Research profile, with grant capture in excess of £700,000, submitted into all UK REF exercises;

  • National (UK Government), regional and global (United Nations) consultancy roles in Public Health; Food Security and Health Promotion; Mental Health and Wellbeing; Physical Activity.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, FF1-1-047

Teaching Areas

Public Health; Health Promotion; Food Security; Food and Sustainability; Research Methods and Methodology; Public Policy; Community and Public Health Nutrition

Research and Professional Activities

Active Research Grants

  • ZU and UAE-U collaboration, The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Understanding Consumer Behaviour in Food Waste in the UAE

  • Food Security and the Nutrition Transition in Lebanon

  • Co-investigator, Nutrition Knowledge of Family Doctors in the GCC region

  • Technical Adviser, United Nations, Understanding Child and Family Health policies during Covid-19 in the GCC


  Recent Publications:

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