Prof. Fares M. Howari

Dean and Professor
  • Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso, USA,
  • M.Sc. in Environmental Geochemistry, Yarmouk University, Jordan
  • B.Sc. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Yarmouk University, Jordan

Currently, Dr. Howari serve as a Dean of College of Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS) Professor at Zayed University.  He served as Professor and Chair of the Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics at Abu Dhabi University as well as a Director of Abu Dhabi University Center of Excellence of Environment, Health and Safety (CoEHS). He is a water resources and environmental scientist with research development and administration expertise. He served as a Professor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering; and Coordinator of Environmental Sciences Program at the University of Texas, PB. He also joined the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy (CIEEP) as program coordinator, and as an Environmental Scientist at the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin.
Before joining the University of Texas at Austin, Prof Howari worked as an Associate Professor at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). At UAEU, he served in the Executive Committee for the Water Resources Graduate Program, supervisor for the Environment Society, joined dozens of committees, taught several courses, successfully obtained several grants, and conducted numerous consultations. Prior to this Dr. Howari worked for about two years at Texas A and M University where he worked as a research scientist on the development and application of computer models to assess environmental contamination problems and conduct risk assessments necessary for Impact Assessments and baseline assessments for scoping and EIA reports. During the progressive of his professional career, he developed distinguished academic, and project coordination skills. Dr. Howari has valuable experience in management, strategic planning and administration, and also in creative leadership.

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  • Professor and Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences 2014/16-present

  • Chair Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics, Director of the Center of Excellence for Environmental Health and Safety, Abu Dhabi University 2011-13

  • Professor of Environmental Sciences, Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics, Abu Dhabi University 2011-

  • Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Texas of the Permian Basin 2009-2011

  • Coordinator of the Environmental Sciences Program, University of Texas of the Permian Basin 2009-2011

  • Research Coordinator, Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Texas at Austin 2007-2009

  • Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences/ Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin 2007-2009

  • Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences, Joint appointment college of Science and College of Engineering, United Arab Emirate University 2005-2007

  • Research Fellow, Center for Social Development, Washington University in St. Louis 2005- 2008

  • Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences, Joint appointment college of Science and College of Engineering, United Arab Emirate University 2002-2005

  • Research Scientist, Texas A&S;M Agricultural Research and Extension Center, 2000 -2002

  • Research Assistant, Center for Environmental Resource Management, The University of Texas at El Paso 1997-2000

  • Research Assistant, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Yarmouk University, Jordan 1994 -1997


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi Campus, FF1-1-041



Teaching Areas

  • Water and Soil Management, EIA and Environmental Quality.
  • Fate and Transport of Contaminants, Natural Resources Assessment and Development.
  • Remote sensing, Heavy Metals, Uranium Geology, Salinity, Geochemistry, Hydrology
  • Projects management and coordination/ administration

Research and Professional Activities

Started carrier working on technical issues of soil, water and the environment, and evolved to coordinate, and direct large research programs; interest emerged to include policy and social aspects of natural resources management. Currently have more than 16 years technical and administrative experience and knowledge in a wide range of project development and implementation in the area of environmental, soil and agricultural issues, and associated role of technology demonstrated in 100 publications and dozens of successfully completed projects, as well as in service at lead institutions in the USA, and Middle East. He received recognition award from Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the UAE, and, he received the Bureau of Economic Geology, Texas Author Achievement Award among others.


Consultant for several environmental and engineering projects in the UAE and USA, such as:

  • Modeling the Behavior of CO Dispersion from Al Fujirah Rockwall Factory under Several Scenarios Including the Smokestack Heights

  • Air quality monitoring program at HFZA, Sharjah UAE

  • Environmental Impact Assessment of the Proposed Green Coal Fired Power Plant in Maritime City, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

  • CO2 Sequestration by Algal Growth and its Applications: Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

  • Feasibility study of silica mine development in KSA, National Investment Company

  • Evaluation of silica sand mine in Tabouk, KSA, National Investment Company

  • Surface and subsurface investigations of gypsum deposits in Abu Dhabi Emirates, Jamal AlGhurair Establishment

  • Geochemical and mineralogical survey of Al Dhabea area, UAE, Advance Project development

  • Evaluation of solar pond technology and solar salt in UAE, Al Ghaith Holding Company

  • Environmental attitude and related civic programs: a critical study of engagement of citizens and resident in United Arab Emirates, University of Washington in St. Louis

  • Comparing evapotranspiration estimates from remote sensing and field data in selected areas in Al Ain, Eastern Part of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates University

  • Hydrological modeling of the Rio Grande system with ground truthing and ground based remote sensing techniques, Texas Higher Education Board (ATP)/ Co-PI

  • Evaluating salt accumulation and release processes in riparian zones of a semi-arid river system (Texas Water Resource Institute/ Co-PI:

  • Reflectance spectra of salts common in arid soils (350–2,500 nm): application of remote sensing, Texas Higher Education Board (ATP)/ Co-PI


  • American Association of Petroleum Geologist,

  • American Geophysical Union

  • Geological Society of America

  • International Association for Environmental Hydrology

  • International Society for Environmental Technology (ISEG)


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