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Majors in the College of Natural and Health Sciences approach the development of the student’s mastery of both the subject matter (content) and learning outcomes in a distinctive way. Students are introduced to the disciplines that together make up the liberal arts and sciences through courses in the Colloquy on Integrated Learning. They then move through a sequence of required and elective courses that introduce increasingly advanced ideas and theory, methods of inquiry and research, and reflective skills. Finally, these majors build the combination of a mastery of theory and content with the opportunity to apply this learning through the internship and courses that require students to draw widely on their educational experience and bring together its various forces.

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Banner Student Self-Service is a web based application that allows student members to view, update, and print selected information in the Banner Student database. It provides access to a student schedule and personal/academic information. Students must meet with their advisor prior to registering to obtain their Registration Access Code(RAC). Without this special code you will be allowed to login to the system, but will not be able to register. To get the guide of banner self-registration, please click on the link located on the right side of the screen (Student Course Registration). Students should always check their curriculum plan and make sure they are registering in the right required courses in each semester.

Keep track of your courses by checking your curriculum semester plan.

Internship (click here for Internship Handbook)

The internship provides professional experience for CNHS students in a challenging but supportive working environment selected in consultation with the department. It enables students to enhance their interpersonal skills, increase self-confidence, and apply knowledge and skills gained at Zayed University. The internship offers students an opportunity to assess the suitability of a particular career or organization.

Senior Project

The Senior Project is a culminating experience requiring students to synthesize and integrate knowledge acquired in their coursework and other learning experiences. They will apply theory and principles in a situation that has relevance to some aspect of public health professional practice or research, psychology practice, or environmental science and sustainability practice. Students work individually while being mentored by faculty and take primary responsibility for identifying and defining a problem, developing a suitable approach and methods needed to address the problem, implementing the project, and presenting their findings in both oral and written forms. Students are encouraged to engage with clients or partners in the community when appropriate or beneficial.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete at least the number of credit hours shown on the respective eight-semester plan for their degree and attain the standards specified by the College of Natural and Health Sciences.