Department of Mathematics and Statistics (MS)

About the Department
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Zayed University consists of highly qualified and enthusiastic faculty who promote intellectual growth in students with a wide variety of interests and educational goals. The department supports the Critical Thinking & Quantitative Reasoning ZULO in courses and supports curricula across the scope of the University. Courses challenge students to develop and apply reasoning skills and inquisitive habits of the mind that will assist them in a lifetime of learning.

Mission Statement:

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is a community of scholars dedicated to providing mathematics instruction of the highest quality to their students and committed to excellence in scholarship, innovative activities and community service.
The Department has a diverse group of faculty members conducting research in pure and applied mathematics and offers a comprehensive set of mathematical and statistical tracks of study that meet the many educational needs of our students.

Vision of the Department:

In advancing the vision of Zayed University, the department will strive to become a leading center for advanced research and innovative teaching in the Gulf region. As the UAE is focusing its plans on having a strong economy and becoming a regional industrial center, the department aims to take part in the development of these challenging areas.

Goals of the Department:

  • To keep its faculty members involved in (all aspects of) professional growth.
  • To create a teacher-student relationship (based on mutual respect, integrity and fairness) that would be exemplary to all other departments in the university.
  • To provide a learning environment in which the mathematical skills of students can be developed to their maximum potential.
  • To use the latest technological tools in the teaching and learning of mathematics throughout the curriculum.
  • To make students understand and appreciate the usefulness and value of mathematics by relating the topics they learn to real-world situations.
  • To make our students able to effectively communicate mathematical and statistical ideas to diverse audiences (both orally and in writing) and to teach them how to be effective problem solvers (using technology).

Faculty Research
The Department consists of faculty working within and across the fields of Probability, Statistics, Applied Analysis, Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Bayesian Networks, Topology, Differential Geometry, Geometric Mechanics, Computational Harmonic Analysis, and Wavelets and Tight Frames.

CNHS-Mathematics Tutoring Center (MTC)

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