Department of Life and Environmental Sciences (LES)


The department of Life and Environmental Sciences in the College of Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS) at Zayed University (ZU) offers undergraduate students a bachelor of science (BSc) in Environmental Science and Sustainability (ESS). The ESS program was established in response to the UAE’s rapidly expanding environmental needs for graduates with a broad multidisciplinary approach to identifying and addressing the complex, intertwined requirements of modern society while maintaining a sustainable relationship to the natural environment. The department offers a high quality, interdisciplinary program that prepares undergraduate students with the knowledge and skills to assume professional roles to address local and global environmental issues in line with the UAE’s National Strategic Plan 2021 for sustainable environment and infrastructure. There is a growing demand for research and graduate/postgraduate programs in this field with a focus on national needs in the UAE, including the need to sustain living and working environments that are safe and healthy.


The Environmental Science and Sustainability (ESS) program at Zayed University aims to strengthen and establish strong undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning environment to enrich the student experience and to build national scientific research capacity in the area of environmental science and sustainability. The department aims to achieve national and international recognition in Environmental Science and Sustainability practices through innovation, and high quality education and research.


The Environmental Science and Sustainability program provides undergraduate students with a rigorous scientific foundation to nurture effective environmental science professionals and to create opportunities for research and development that support national goals. The program aims to produce graduates with a strong scientific background, combined with an excellent understanding of key local and global environmental issues. The department houses well-equipped laboratories with state of art instrumental and research facilities to provide students with hands-on experience in various areas of environmental research.

The department seeks academic excellence in developing multidisciplinary environmental Science programs and research cluster groups to further understand environmental challenges, manage natural resources, and promote sustainable development.

Faculty Research

The Department consists of faculty and research staff working within and across the fields of environmental pollution and monitoring, soil sciences, aquatic and marine sciences, microbial ecology, atmospheric chemistry, urban sustainability, tropical environment, and natural hazards.

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