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This is your alumni group, here to help keep your ZU connection strong. Commence your career connections and skills. Locate a friends old and new. Participate in special events, enroll in classes, enjoy social events, and give back to ZU. At The College of Natural and Health Sciences at Zayed University–AUH, aim to follow an agenda accordant to communicating and connecting with our former students; thus, we have created a secure, built-on, intranet portal called the CNHSConnect.

The Alumni Portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is a platform for all the secure services that are available to our alumni, including updating personal details, setting contact preferences, and voting in elections. The Portal works in tandem with the Alumni Services website.

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To build a consistent bridge of connection and communication between our Alumni and all college representatives. Our goal is to provide our former students with a platform where they may remain in contact with their alma mater, thus providing them with opportunities for further growth and development in various sectors and diverse spectrums.


To encourage and motivate alumni involvement with the college in extracurricular activities such as events, conferences, research opportunities, and to track alumni activity on both a personal and professional level.


To achieve success towards our general mission and vision, we aim to create a module called CNHSConnect. This module, better described as an intranet portal, will be the main tool used to communicate with alumni. It will aid in tracking, contacting, and incorporating past alumni using effective and appealing methods; these will include the extensive use of graphics, reduction of a text-based database, and a promising point-rewarding system dependent on involvement, interaction, and event-attendance.

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CNHSConnect Intraportal Details:

Application process:

  • Upon approaching the final semester of their studies, students will be required to contact their advisors regarding finishing all necessary graduation proceedings.
  • On DegreeWorks, advisors will check on all student records. Once all graduation requirements are met, students will be registered on CNHSConnect. The system will restrict DegreeWorks from allowing a student to graduate unless they have activated their CNHSConnect account.
  • After connecting to CNHSConnect, graduated students will be required to partake in an amount of activities in order to receive their diploma. These activities will be monitored under a special point-rewarding system; for each event or activity a student takes part in, the student is given points.
  • Graduates will also be a part of a mail-merger system where their emails will be collected upon registration to the CNHSConnect.
Help Us Develop Services for the Alumni Portal

We are always looking to enhance our suite of services to alumni and welcome input from other university departments and external suppliers regarding additions to the Alumni Portal.

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Upon your log in, you will commence the first step in building CNHS online community to re-connect with your classmates, colleagues and friends. Through AAP you will find resources to organize social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for your group activities.

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