Department of Health Sciences (HS)

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Nutrition (8 Semester Degree Plan)

Program Accreditation:

This programme is accredited by Association for Nutrition (AfN).


Poor health and chronic health conditions and diseases are major concerns in the U.A.E and the number of U.A.E residents suffering from chronic diseases is expected to continue to rise.

As a result, there is a need for public health and nutrition specialists who can deal with the rising incidence of noncommunicable diseases associated with dietary intake in the U.A.E. 

The BSc Public Health and Nutrition programme aims to address this by:

Training students and producing graduates equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills required to practice safely as nutrition scientists to promote the health status of individuals and communities. On graduation, they will take on a key role in the UAE, to inform policies and activities that are designed to create awareness of health issues associated with diet and nutrition, prevent dietary related ill health, and improve health status. 

Our students receive a strong foundation in the basic sciences, chemistry, biology, microbiology, physiology and biochemistry before developing knowledge and understanding in theoretical and applied principles of nutrition, food science and food safety, nutrition therapy and public health.  A learning journey that develops across four years, through a progressive curricular culminating with the extended senior research project, dietary therapy courses and internship. Here students have an opportunity to integrate the theory from science and discipline specific courses into a coherent and applied understanding of nutrition practice. We prepare our students for their role as professionals in nutrition from the outset of the programme with opportunities for employability enhancement and academic enrichment and citizenship provided throughout. 

In addition to a solid basis in science, students will learn essential practical skills to allow them to take up employment in the diverse areas of the health sector with specific emphasis on public health and nutrition. These will include the study of the role of nutrition in disease prevention, clinical nutrition and therapeutic diets, the importance of food safety, the role of nutrition in protecting and promoting community health, skills required for nutrition and dietary planning including health counseling, as well as the important role of applied public health in health education and health promotion. Career opportunities exist in a wide range of settings that include local hospitals, government ministries, clinics, schools, and private sector organizations. 

Knowledge and skills are developed that enable graduates to work effectively with decision-makers, professionals, and others in the community to analyze public health and nutrition issues in different settings and create and manage programs to enhance health and well-being.

Program Objectives

The Department of Health Sciences aims to foster graduates who have: 

  1. Achieved graduate level knowledge and skills in the science and art of public health and nutrition comparable to programs globally; 
  2. See themselves as lifelong learners in an ever-changing world; 
  3. Developed critical thinking in the field of nutrition and public health in relation to individuals and groups; 
  4. Theoretical knowledge within their discipline and 
  5. Acquired the skills to apply this gained knowledge and seek new knowledge in different settings including, but not limited to, clinical settings, community health programmes, ministries, municipalities, research, NGOs and private enterprises who recognizes the importance of nutrition for public health and the value of lifelong learning.

Our mission is to produce graduates who as lifelong learners can pursue a career in the field of health sciences and promote a well-balanced life for themselves and the community through optimum food and nutrition and related lifestyle factors. 

The primary goal is to protect and improve the health of families and communities in the UAE and beyond, through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, optimal food and nutrition, whilst raising awareness of the wider public health context, control of infectious and non-communicable diseases, relevant to the global and UAE context.

Minor in Public Health

The Department of Health Sciences also offers a minor in Public Health. Public health is the science of protecting and improving the health of families and communities through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for disease and injury prevention, and detection and control of infectious and non-communicable diseases. A minor in Public Health provides students with the fundamental knowledge of principles, applications, and skills needed to develop a firm appreciation of health and disease prevention at the population level, and to use this knowledge to transform the experience of their area of study education into innovative approaches for solving problems related to public health. 

Minor Requirements

Required Credit Hours: 18 hours

Required courses

18 CHs


Principles of Nutrition I



Public Health I



Food Sanitation and Hygiene



Introduction to Epidemiology



Public Health II



Planning and Evaluation in Health Promotion and Health Education