About Us

Welcome to the College of Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS). The College currently employs 54 faculty members and 10 staff across 4 departments. We offer a wide range of undergraduate courses in three different majors resulting in either a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability; BSc in Public Health and Nutrition or a BSc in Psychology and Human Services, which is jointly taught with the College of Education. In addition, CNHS also offer a Minor in Public Health and a minor in Applied Psychology. CNHS currently also contribute to graduate education in the form of the Executive Masters in Health Care Administration (EMHCA). In the near future, CNHS plan to deliver an undergraduate program in integrated sciences/ STEM for cycle 2 and 3 teachers. The majority of CNHS faculty are research active in their respective fields and often recognized both nationally as well as internationally for their scholarly work.

College of Natural and Health Science (CNHS) 



CNHS Vision

The College of Natural and Health Sciences aspires to international distinction in research and academic output across all fields related to Environmental Sustainability, Psychology and Health Sciences.  The college aims to produce passionate graduates who combine scientific knowledge with skills in leadership and innovation to meet national objectives.

CNHS Mission

The mission of the College of Natural and Health Sciences is to:

  • Pursue cutting-edge collaborative research that directly addresses issues of national and global concern in environment and health.

  • Promote synergy between scholarly activity, service and outreach with the wider community, to build greater environmental resilience and to develop sustainable solutions for a more prosperous and healthy future.

  • Provide inspiring academic programs that will nurture students’ personal growth and development, enabling their entry into the workforce upon graduation as competent and effective professionals.

CNHS Strategic Goals

  1. Develop world-class scientific research programs that will advance the growing reputation and visibility of the University within the global arena.

  2. Attract and retain high-calibre faculty, and recognise the achievements of established faculty who have contributed to the recent growth and success of CNHS, through competitive incentives.

  3. Prepare well-rounded graduates with proven abilities, life skills and relevant academic expertise.

  4. Commit to continued academic excellence through international accreditation and evolution of attractive modern programs in Natural and Health Sciences.