Getting the most out of your university experience with the Student Life team

The Student Life team fosters the development of well-rounded individuals. All Student experiences are designed to expand their abilities and equip them for success in a changing world. Through practical experiences, the function cultivates a strong sense of belonging amongst the students.

Student Life in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies involves:

  • Community Specialists

  • Partner Challenge Specialists 

  • Professional Development Coaches 


Our efforts are focused on the core values of the Zayed University. Students will discover that these values are the guiding principles we are supporting and fostering as they progress with their academic studies and the Partner Challenges.

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To achieve a well-rounded student life experience, students are involved in a variety of community engagement programs that complement their academic and professional development.

In Partner challenges students apply problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills they are learning in the classroom to real-world challenges hosted by organizations.

Students enhance their employability and entrepreneurial skills to maximize their potential and well-being. Through coaching students foster self and social awareness to acclimatize them to increasingly cross-cultural workplaces.

Community Specialists

Helping to build and maintain communities alongside your studies

  • Organize and coordinate events and activities that promote exploration and allow students to build on the skills and traits they are developing while they study.

  • The initiatives focus on student wellness, the development of soft skills, and fostering a sense of belonging and create a shared identity in line with community values of Zayed University.


Partner Challenge Specialists


Helping build future ready skills through real world experiences

  • Work with industry partners to bridge gap between industry and university to implement real world challenges into Zayed University student’s learning journey

  • Identify and incubate real world challenges to co-create project-based and work-based learning for Zayed University students that support their continued education

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Professional Development Coaches

Inspiring and empowering students to build meaningful lives and thriving careers

  • Through coaching, students develop growth mindsets, gain resilience and stress management skills, and learn to balance self-care with academic responsibilities and innovative partner challenge projects.

  • Through training sessions, mentorship activities and workshops, students build their employability skills, expand their professional networks, and enhance their knowledge of changing workplace cultures and job-market trends.