Partner Challenge Specialist

Bachelor of Science, International Relations and Sociology, Kingston University, London.

Psychology: An Introduction, University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Ed.


Qamaria Al Mahahi is a Zayed University Partnerships Specialist in the Dubai Campus. Her role involves overseeing the Partner Challenge Program with the goal of bridging the gap between academia and the workforce. Qamaria guides students through the journey of applying their academic knowledge into solving real-world challenges with industries. The program supports the UAE government’s goal of ‘imparting desired competencies for the evolving business environment’ through active collaboration between educational institutes and industry partners. The program therefore focuses on ensuring students develop transferable skills and are therefore ready for the future of work.

Qamaria spent the last 7 years working closely with students, educators, local and international partners ensuring educational institutes foster well-rounded youths who have the skills and knowledge to face the challenges of tomorrow, by rethinking the conventional mode of learning. Through her work she has gained in-depth knowledge and skills in managing business relationships, benchmarking revolutionary educational practices and empathetic problem solving.

Key Competencies:

Project Management, Strategic Partnerships, Stakeholder Management, Systems Thinker, Organisational Wellbeing, Student Wellbeing, Educational Research & Development, Behavioural Insights, Communication skills and Contextual Intelligence.


Dubai Academic City, E-L2-031 E Wing