Certified Executive Coach

Master of Science in Business Psychology

Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management


Norhan is a Professional Development Coach in the Student Life Department within the College of Interdisciplinary Studies at Zayed University.

After an accumulation of years of working with students, she prides herself as being a Youth Development Specialist. She specializes in coaching Generation Z to make better-informed decisions for their future. She also coaches parents and helps them in becoming their own daughter/son’s Coach. Her strengths mainly lie within transitional coaching. She works with students and parents and the transitions they go through during the most important years of their lives, and finds great satisfaction in seeing the growth and development of adolescents.

Norhan’s coaching framework is always warm yet challenging. She believes that students deserve to be treated as ‘complete’ human beings exactly as they are right now. This belief is one of the most important fundamentals of any coaching practice, however, it’s always targeted towards adults and students/minors are rarely ever included. She’s constantly on a journey to help students discover their own potential and develop a future-oriented mindset. She has a proven skill set of career counselling & coaching, lifelong learning, and a deliberate knowledge of program development.

Key Competencies:

Career Coaching, Transitional Coaching, Executive Coaching, Youth Development Coaching & Mentoring


Dubai Academic City, F-L2-018