Partner Challenge Specialist

BA in Early Childhood Education, Zayed University, UAE


Maryam is a Partnership Specialist in the CIS Student life Team at Zayed University. She is passionate in career education and professionalism. Maryam is skilled in finding creative ways to engage and foster deep connections between students and mentors through the Partner Challenge Program as she supports students in their journey to become future professionals.

As a ZU Alumna with 6-years of career education experience at Zayed University, Maryam understands the student journey and needs first-hand. She uses this experience to connect with and motivate students with enthusiasm to become passionate members of the Zayed University community. In her previous roles, she contributed to the student experience through two key focuses: partnership communications & networking, and addressing student needs to prepare them for internships and careers. She led activities which included CV development/review, mock interviews, LinkedIn skills, and professionalism skills sessions.

Maryam enjoys organising community events for both key stakeholders. She also works closely with the Community Specialists to help organize events for students in Abu Dhabi.

Key Competencies:

Effective Communication, Inspired Leadership, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Motivation, Time Management, Problem Solving


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-L1-058