Assistant Professor

2012, PhD in Modern Languages (Latin American History and Cultural Studies) Newcastle University (UK), Newcastle Upon Tyne
2004, MA in Screen Documentary (Media and Communication Studies) Goldsmiths College, University of London, London


I am a cultural historian with an interdisciplinary background in socio-cultural anthropology, media and area studies. My research explores the connections between cultural performance, race, memory, and nation-making in the Andes, with a focus on applied cultural research. As an educator, my mail goal is to encourage the personal and professional development of my students with a healthy balance of wellness and achievement, and in alignment with the demands of the complex employment landscape of the future. My most recent publications analyze indigenous identity politics and public performance participation (Routledge), and the intersection between race and ‘long’ and ‘short’ Bolivian political histories. I have substantial expertise in curricular design, review and accreditation, and in student-centred language teaching methods and technology-enhanced teaching methodologies (online, blended and in person).


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-1-034


+971 2 599 3457

Teaching Areas

  • Atlantic and Latin American History and Cultural Studies

  • Nation, Nationalisms

  • Intangible Heritage

  • Performance Studies

  • Race

  • Bolivia and the Andes

  • Research methods (media)

  • Critical thinking

Research and Professional Activities

Cordova, X., Postigo Guzman, M. X. (Eds.) (2023).  Bolivian Studies Journal: The Depth of the 2019 Bolivian crisis [Special Issue].  Vol 23.  In progress.

Cordova, X. (2022). ‘Racial Duels: Untangling Anti-Indian Narratives from the Bolivian 2019 Crisis’, Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies (submitted)

Cordova, X. (2022). ‘Fausto Reinaga’. In ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CRITICAL POLITICAL SCIENCE, ed. Clyde Barrow, Edward Elgar Publishing. Entry.

Cordova, X. (2020). Indigeneity and National Celebrations in Latin America: Performative Practices and Identity Politics. In Ganesh Devy and Geoffrey Davis (Eds.), Performance in Key Indigenous Concepts (book series), New Delhi and London: Routledge

Cordova, X. (2020). Book review of Thomson, Sinclair et al. (eds.) (2018) The Bolivia Reader: History, Culture, Politics, Duke University Press (Durham, NC and London), xx +744 pp., Bulletin of Latin American Research, Vol 39, Issue 2, Society for Latin American Studies