Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2016


Dr. Vijetha Koppa is an Applied Microeconomist who specializes in public policy analysis. Her research spans the areas of Economics of crime, health, and education with publications in highly ranked peer-reviewed journals. She is particularly interested in studying domestic violence - its causes and consequnces.

Dr. Koppa has taught a variety of courses to diverse student bodies in the USA and the UAE. She particularly enjoys teaching Principles of Microeconomics as she believes it lays the foundation for rational thought.


Dubai Academic City, E-L2-002


+971 4 402 1321

Teaching Areas

Economics of Crime, Health, and Education

Research and Professional Activities

"Can information save lives? Effect of a victim-focused police intervention on intimate partner homicides" Accepted for publication at Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (ABDC A*). [Pre-publication version at SSRN]

School Reopenings, COVID-19, and Employment - with Jeremy West. Economics Letters (ABDC A), Volume 212, March 2022, 110310.

"Can justice system interventions prevent intimate partner homicides? An analysis of rates of help-seeking prior to fatality" - with Jill Messing. Journal of Interpersonal Violence (Scopus listed), Volume 36, Issue 17-18, September 2021, pp. 8792–8816. (First published online in June 2019.) 

"(Almost) No One Votes Without ID, Even When They Can" - with Mark Hoekstra. Economics Letters (ABDC A), Volume 205, August 2021, 109944.

"Housing Vouchers, Income Shocks and Crime: Evidence from a Lottery" - with Jillian Carr. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (ABDC A*), Volume 177, September 2020, pp. 475-493. 

"The Effect of Alcohol Access on Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Evidence from the Minimum Legal Drinking Age," American Journal of Health Economics (ABDC A), Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring 2018, pp. 164-184.