Assistant Professor

1999, PhD, University of Stirling


I have worked in Europe and Asia for most of my career, including over a decade in the UAE.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF1-1-021


+971 2 599 3585

Teaching Areas

Feedback Literacy/ESAP/English for IT

Research and Professional Activities

Myers, T. and Buchanan, J. English for IT Communication (Routledge, 2024); Who Do I Think You Are? Constructing Learners Through Feedback (SOTL, 2023)

Myers, T. and Slocombe, J. The Purpose of a Writing Center in the Age of Multimodality; Myers, T. and Buchanan, J. Developing Feedback Literacy in Emirati Undergraduates (English Language and General Studies in the Gulf, 2022);

Myers, T., Buchanan, J., Balanyk, J., Nicol, T. ESAP-in-EGAP: Implementing Sydney School Genre Pedagogy in Gulf HE in Pedagogies in English for Academic Purposes: Teaching and Learning in International Contexts (Bloomsbury, 2021)

Myers, T. and Buchanan, J. Overcoming the remote in remote learning: the value of community in the virtual classroom.  InForm (20:1, 2021)