2012, PhD, Cairo University


Suzanna is a Professor of Economics and Sustainability with over 22 years of expertise in academia and industry. She is currently the Chair of the Sustainability Program at the College of Interdisciplinary Studies- Zayed University. Her passion lies in advocating for human wellbeing and exploring innovative ways to apply circular economy practices, spearheading the development of Eco-Industrial Parks in the MENA region. As a recognized Economic Research Forum (ERF) Fellow and Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellow, Suzanna earned her Ph.D. in Sustainable Development (2009) and MSc in Finance (2004) from Cairo University. With a robust background spanning two decades, she has excelled in research, policy formulation, and teaching across the Middle East. Suzanna's research interests are truly multidisciplinary, encompassing Economics, Finance, Sustainable Development, Economics of Education, and Behavioural Economics. Her impactful contributions include numerous scholarly papers in esteemed journals and active involvement in government and private sector consultancy projects. Notably, she is the founder of the Sustainability Club and InveSlamic Club, COP28 Simulation Model Coordinator, and currently leads the Sustainability Program at Zayed University. Suzanna sits on the Editorial Review Board for several peer-reviewed journals and holds a position on the advisory board of the innovative start-up "THE SURPLUSS."


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-01-35


+971 2 599 3429

Teaching Areas

Economics, Sustainability, Development, Finance, Economics of Education, and Welfare Economics.

Research and Professional Activities

2023| Elmassah, S., Determinants of renewable energy production in emerging and developed countries. International Journal of Energy Sector Management. 10.1108/IJESM_08_2021_0031

2023| Elmassah S. Elmassah;Hassanein E.A. Hassanein. GVCs and environmental sustainability in MENA: Do digitalization and institutions make a difference?. Environmental science and pollution research international. 10.1007/s11356_023_30772_6

2023| Circular Economy for Climate Action in the MENA.

2023| Elmassah S. Elmassah;Bacheer S. Bacheer;Hassanein E. Hassanein| US consumers' confidence and responses to COVID_19 shock. Review of Economics and Political Science. 10.1108/REPS_10_2021_0098

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