Master's Degree - International Education, Curriculum & Instruction - University of Minnesota

Professional Co-active Coach Training & Certification - The Co-active Training Institute


A seasoned educator and certified professional co-active coach with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in education, coaching, and human development. Leverages 20+ years of experience supporting the successes of over 7K students and professionals navigating life and work transitions in the MENA region. Through diverse expertise in innovative teaching methodologies, agile facilitation techniques, and movement modalities, Sonia taps into artistic expression, well-being, and holistic coaching approaches to build educational programs that are enjoyable, inspiring, and student-focused. Sonia synthesizes her coaching, teaching, and entrepreneurial expertise to co-create empowering life and career experiences with individuals and teams in educational and workplace settings. Sonia synergizes the rigor of academia with her successes in building and spearheading Liberal Studies and coaching programs for 15+ years. Driven by her passion for healing education through the power of coaching, Sonia is on a mission to support the transformation of higher-education students, faculty, and staff into coherent, healthy, and sustainable communities. 


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-1-054


+971 2 599 3425

Teaching Areas

Active Learning | Interdisciplinary & General Education | Professional, Life & Career Coaching | Research & Integration of Coaching Approaches into Teaching Communities & Educational Spaces | Drama, Storytelling & Improvisation for Corporate & Leadership Development | Emotional Intelligence & Mental Fitness for Teams & Individuals | Public Speaking & Presentation Agility | Presence, Influence & Facilitation for Freedom | Wellness-driven Curriculum Design & Delivery | Teaching English as a Foreign Language