2014, Master's in Computer Science, University of Calgary


Shahbano Farooq is a proficient educator, and researcher with more than 10 years of experience. At present, she serves as an Instructor at Zayed University, where she undertakes the responsibility of facilitating various courses, internships, and projects. She is skilled in teaching a variety of courses, including Programming Fundamentals, Algorithmic Thinking, Data Analysis, and Introductory IT courses for general education students. Shahbano has conducted research in new and developing subjects within the areas of Human-computer Interaction, and Machine Learning. She has prior four years of industry experience as a Technical Content Developer and Software Engineer. 


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF1-1-037


+971 2 599 3413

Teaching Areas

Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization Design, Object-oriented programming, Machine Learning

Research and Professional Activities

Kuhail, M. A., Farooq, S., & Almutairi, S. (2023). Recent Developments in Chatbot Usability and Design Methodologies. Trends, Applications, and Challenges of Chatbot Technology, 1-23.

Kuhail, M.A.; ElSayary, A.; Farooq, S.; & Alghamdi, A. (2022). Exploring Immersive Learning Experiences: A Survey. Informatics 2022, 9, 75.

Kuhail, M. A., Farooq, S., Hammad, R., & Bahja, M. (2021). Characterizing Visual Programming Approaches for End-User Developers: A Systematic Review. IEEE ACCESS, VOL 9, 14181-14202.

Farooq, S., Carpendale, S., and Maurer, F. (2016). Pairing for Designing Visualizations. In Surfnet: Designing Digital Surface Applications. (Maurer, F., Ed.). University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada, SurfNet, pages 155-168, March. ISBN 978-0-88953-388-2-(PDF).