Assistant Professor

2011 Post-Doctorate, Brock University, Canada
2009 PhD, NUST University, Pakistan


Dr. Ali is an Assistant Professor of applied mathematics at the College of Interdisciplinary Sciences at Zayed University, Dubai. Prior to this, he held various academic positions as researcher and assistant/associate professor at the University of Witwatersrand (Joburg, South Africa), SEECS-NUST (Pakistan), Brock University (Canada) and Royal Commission (Saudi Arabia). During his professional career, he has been widely acknowledged for outstanding performances in both teaching and research through medals, awards and certificate of Appreciations. He investigated the impact of polarization diversity gains in MIMO systems of dual-polarized antennas in his recent research project as a principal investigator in a funded project.

With his customized pedagogical skills suited to individual students, he has co-supervised both MS and PhD students in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. He has also supervised post-graduate students in the Department of Mathematics.


Dubai Academic City, E-L2-046


+971 4 402 1493

Teaching Areas

Applied Mathematics, Wireless Communication Theory

Research and Professional Activities

Sajid Ali, Sara Shakil and Syed Ali Hassan, “Quaternion Codes in MIMO System of Dual-Polarized Antennas”, Applied Sciences, 2021.

Sajid Ali, Hassan Azad, Indranil Biswas and Waqas Shah, “On Computing Linearizing Coordinates from Symmetry Algebra”, Journal of Lie Theory, 31, No. 3, 625—635, 2021.

Sara Shakil, Sajid Ali and S. Ali Hassan, “Linear and Decoupled Decoders for Dual-Polarized Antenna-Based MIMO Systems”, Sensors, 20 (24), 7141, 2020.

Sajid Ali, Hassan Azad, Indranil Biswas, Willem A. de Graaf, “A constructive method for decomposing real representations”, Journal of Symbolic Computation, ,2020.  

Erum Mushtaq, Sajid Ali and Syed Ali Hassan, “On Decoupled Decoding of Quasi-Orthogonal STBCs using Quaternion Algebra”, IEEE System Journal, 99, 1-7 (2019).