Assistant Professor

PhD in Business, 2019, The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)


Dr. Rawia Ahmed is an Assistant Professor at CIS. Prior to joining CIS, Dr. Rawia Ahmed was working for the College of Business at Zayed University. She earned her master’s in business administration from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, and her PhD from the University of Texas at El Paso in the USA (R1 University). Dr. Rawia’s main research interests include diversity, entrepreneurship in emerging countries, voice and silence, and paradox theory. Dr. Rawia presented her work in several prestigious conferences in North America and in Europe and published her work in highly ranked journals. Moreover, Dr. Rawia has a deep passion for teaching that she practiced in several countries of the world: Canada, USA, and currently the UAE. This enjoyable teaching journey was remarked by superb teaching evaluations and most importantly by a rich experience with her students. Currently, Dr. Rawia is teaching Ethics at CIS and is progressing her research pipeline with several work in progress projects. Last year, Dr. Rawia was nominated for a service award in recognition of her active involvement in service activities for college level committees.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-1-32

Teaching Areas


Research and Professional Activities

Garcia, M. F., Ahmed, R., Flores, G. L., & Halliday, C. S. (2023). Gender equality and comparative HRM: A 40-year review. Human Resource Management Review, 100972.

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