Associate Professor

1994, PhD in Marketing, University of Otago

1984, MBA in Marketing, DePaul University


Park Beede, PhD, is associate professor, specializing in advertising and marketing. Having started his career in the United States, Park has also taught throughout New Zealand, Australia and now United Arab Emirates. In addition to teaching, Park worked in leading advertising agencies and consumer companies for many years. Blending academia and industry, Park enjoys working with students in developing both critical thinking and career skills. His research interests focus on advertising planning and brand strategy, along with teaching and learning effectiveness. Current research activities explore the evolution of traditional advertising and brand-building strategies into digital video media environments.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF2.2.056


+971 2 599 3184

Teaching Areas

Advertising, Branding, Marketing

Research and Professional Activities

Rasul, A., Shin, D., & Beede, P. (2022). Fictional politainment: Exposure to international television drama and attitude toward female politicians. International Communication Gazette, 1-23.

Lai, M. Y., Fotiadis, A. K., Abu-ElSamen, A., & Beede, P. (2022). Analysing the effect of membership and perceived trust on sport events electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) intention. Tourism Recreation Research, 47(1), 91-104.

Hamdan, S., & Beede, P. (2021). Instagram advertising for museum marketing: Advertising appeals to attract visitors. Christou, E., Fotiadis, A., & Alexandris, K. (Eds.). In Restarting tourism, travel and hospitality: The day after; Book of extended abstracts, 153-154. Thessaloniki: International Hellenic University, School of Economics & Business.

Shin, D., Beede, P., Ibabrine, M., & Zaid, B. (2020). Interactivity Effects on Single-Handed Interaction: An Empirical Investigation of Thumb Movement and Touch-Based Interaction Techniques for Smartphones. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction, 12(1), 42-57.

Beede, P. (2019). Tracing the evolution of advertising account planning. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 12(3), 285-303.