Associate Professor

2013, PhD in Software Development, IT University of Copenhagen

2007, MSc in Software Engineering, University of York


Dr. Mohammad Amin Kuhail is an accomplished scholar with an background in human-computer interaction and software engineering. He earned his Ph.D. in software development from the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and holds an M.Sc. degree in software engineering from the renowned University of York, UK.
Dr. Kuhail is currently an Associate Professor at Zayed University, within the College of Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing his expertise on teaching a range of computing-related courses. With a profound dedication to the academic community, Dr. Kuhail also takes on the crucial responsibility of directing diverse and cutting-edge research initiatives. His research endeavors explore the fascinating intersection of chatbot technology, human-computer interaction, education, and user behavior. For the past four years, Dr. Kuhail has been with Zayed University since August 2019 (4 years).
For six years, Dr. Kuhail served as an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri–Kansas City (UMKC), USA, where he made significant contributions to the academic community. In recognition of his exceptional teaching skills, he was awarded the teaching award at UMKC in 2018. Additionally, his research endeavors have been supported by several prestigious research grants


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-1-029


+971 2 599 3536

Teaching Areas

Human-Computer Interaction

Research and Professional Activities

Alimamy, S., Kuhail, M. A. (2023). I will be with you Alexa! The impact of intelligent virtual assistant's authenticity and personalization on user reusage intentions. Computers in Human Behavior, 143, 107711.

Kuhail, M.A., Alturki, N., Alramlawi, Alhejori, K. (2023). Interacting with educational chatbots: A systematic review. Educ Inf Technol 28, 973–1018.

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Kuhail, M. A., Negreiros, J., Al Katheeri, H., Khan, S., & Almutairi, S. (2023). Understanding Influencers of College Major Decision: The UAE Case. Education Sciences, 13(1), 39.

Kuhail, M. A., Al Katheeri, H., Negreiros, J., Seffah, A., Alfandi, O. (2023). Engaging Students With a Chatbot-Based Academic Advising System. International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, 39:10, 2115-2141, DOI: