Assistant Professor

2015/PhD in Petroleum Geochemistry/ University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

2009, MSc in Water Resource & Environmental Management,Al-Balqa Applied University


Mohammad Alalaween is a diligent, motivated and analytical Assistant Professor expert in organic geochemistry (particularly Biomarkers) with extensive experience of exploration, development and research in the oil and gas industry (such as Shell Sweden, Jordan, and Schlumberger company). Alalaween combines a breadth of industry knowledge with over six-year teaching experience in the UAE and UK. He is known for creating effective learning environment where student potential can be fully realized. His teaching method not only helps students to make progress and achieve their potential, but also simultaneously provides a positive learning experience for all.

The nature of Alalaween  research is inherently multi-disciplinary, combining geology, palaeo-climatology/palaeo-oceanography, organic geochemistry, petroleum system evolution, hydrology and hydrogeology .This approach enables to 

  • Reconstruction of fluctuations in organic matter concentration and composition at variable time and spatial scales

  • Construct a depositional model with respect to primary organic matter production and burial, ocean vs. sediment redox conditions, and indicators of palaeoceanography and palaeoclimate.

  • Evaluate and Investigate the Petrophysics properties of conventional and unconventional reservoirs 

  • Assess groundwater quality for sustainable development goals

  • Assess the petroleum source and hydrocarbon generation potential by contributes to the successful identification and maturation of new plays such as study of the origin, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbon, determining how many oil and gas families are present in a basin and relating those to known source rocks and basin geology using bulk and organic analytical geochemistry techniques (e.g. biomarker)


Dubai Academic City, F Wing F2-029


+971 4 402 1644

Teaching Areas

Organic, Petroleum Geochemistry, Biomarker, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science    

Research and Professional Activities

Al Hadhrami, Maitha Zuhair, Alalaween, Mohammad Abdel Fattah, Mateo, Antonio Lugay, Al Blooshi, Abdulmajeed Abdulla, Kahoor, Khalid Yousuf, Al Yileili, Saeed Ali, and Rashid Salem Al Suwaidi. "Factors Affecting CO2 Absorption in Water Using a Gas Absorption Packed Column." Paper presented at the Gas & Oil Technology Showcase and Conference, Dubai, UAE, March 2023. doi:

Mufeed Batarseh, Emad Imreizeeq, Seyda Tilev, Mohammad Al Alaween, Wael Suleiman, Abdulla Mohammed Al Remeithi, Mansoor Khamees Al Tamimi, Majdy Al Alawneh,

Assessment of groundwater quality for irrigation in the arid regions using irrigation water quality index (IWQI) and GIS-Zoning maps: Case study from Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE,

Groundwater for Sustainable Development,

Mufeed Batarseh, Emad Imreizeeq, Seyda Tilev, Mohammad Al Alaween, Wael Suleiman, Abdulla Mohammed Al Remeithi, Mansoor Khamees Al Tamimi, Majdy Al Alawneh, Dataset for the physio-chemical parameters of groundwater in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE, Data in Brief,

Christian März, T. Wagner, S. Aqleh, M. Al-Alaween, S. van den Boorn, O.G. Podlaha, S. Kolonic, S.W. Poulton, B. Schnetger, H.-J. Brumsack; Repeated enrichment of trace metals and organic carbon on an Eocene high-energy shelf caused by anoxia and reworking. Geology 2016;; 44 (12): 1011–1014. doi: