Assistant Professor

PhD (Economics), Cornell University, 2017

MA (Economics), Cornell University, 2015

M.S. (Quantitative Economics), Indian Statistical Institute, 2012


Mehreen Mookerjee is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the College of Interdisciplinary Sciences at Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She completed her PhD in Economics from Cornell University (New York) in 2017.

Her primary research interests are in the fields of environmental economics and development economics. Part of her research has been on evaluating the costs of climate change in terms of higher levels of ambient air pollutants. More recently, she is working on applied microeconomics issues surrounding gender, women empowerment, interpersonal violence against women and economics of the household in a developing country context using empirical methods. She has published across reputed journals including Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Environmental and Resource Economics, European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Development Studies amongst others.


Dubai Academic City, B-L2-037


+971 4 402 1247

Teaching Areas

Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Economics of Gender

Research and Professional Activities

Unifying Approach to Measuring Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (with Antonio Bento, Noah Miller, & Edson R. Severnini) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management; NBER Working Paper No. 27247 ; IZA Discussion Paper No. 13290

Incidental Adaptation: The Role of Non-Climate Regulations” (with Antonio Bento, Noah Miller, & Edson R. Severnini); accepted at Environmental and Resource Economics; NBER Working Paper No. 28783, IZA Discussion Paper No. 14355, previously circulated as Time
is of the Essence: Climate Adaptation Induced by Non-Climate Existing Institutions

Does Increased Credibility of Elections Lead to Higher Political Competition? Evidence from India” (with Somdeep Chatterjee, Manini Ojha & Sanket Roy), European Journal of Political Economy (2022)

Spousal beliefs and intimate partner violence: Are we conditioned to internalize patriarchal norms(with Manini Ojha & Sanket Roy) Economics Letters Vol 202-109811 (2021)

Who's your neighbour? Social Influences on Domestic Violence” (with Manini Ojha & Sanket Roy) The Journal of Development Studies (2021)

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