1999, Masters of Science, Nova Southeastern University Davie, Florida


For Marjorie P. Daniel the transformative power of education for empowerment and success is undeniable. Leveraging 20+ years of extensive teaching experience, she brings a robust background in engineering progress that spans across grade levels, continents, socio-economic, and public/private sectors. Ms. Daniel is armed with a Master of Science in Education degree with a specialization in Educational Leadership and Exceptional Student Education from Nova University in Florida and a dual bachelor in psychology and education from the University of Miami. She is known for her communicative skills, effective problem-solving, and commitment to equitable education. She is skilled in networking to create strategic partnerships needed to mitigate learning obstacles for both students and faculty through innovative practices. In addition to her primary job function as an instructor, Ms. Daniel has experience with supporting organizations in the UAE and abroad. In 2019, Ms. Daniel received an Award for Exceptional Employee from ZU due to her extraordinary commitment to the Students of Determination and fellow professors.


Dubai Academic City, F.L2.041


04 402 1564

Teaching Areas

Special Education

Research and Professional Activities

Advancing Cognitive Accessibility: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Inclusivity

Implementation of Individual Learning Trajectories in LMS Moodle

Theory of the Mind Understanding and Socioeconomics Status