Assistant professor

2010, B. Sc. Economics, University of Granada, Spain

2011, M. Sc. Business Economics, University of Granada, Spain

2017, PhD. Business Economics, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain


Jose M. Ortiz Gomez is an Assistant Professor at the College of Interdisciplinary Studies.  He studied Economics at the University of Granada (BSc, 2010; MSc, 2011).  He also holds a Ph.D. (2017) in Business Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.  He has delivered lectures both at the undergraduate and the postgraduate level in Middlesex University London, and Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has also delivered research seminars as a guest speaker at numerous Universities around the world (UK, Australia, Spain, etc.). His papers have been published in international journals. He is also a reviewer for international journals


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, FF1-2-053

Teaching Areas

Behavioral Economics

Experimental Economics

Research and Professional Activities

Camilleri, A. R., Dankova, K., Ortiz, J. M., & Neelim, A. (2023). Increasing worker motivation using a reward scheme with probabilistic elements. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes177, 104256.

Ortiz, J. M., Zindel, M., & Da Silva, S. (2023). The effect of loss aversion and entitlement on cheating: An online experiment. Acta Psychologica233, 103843.

Brandts, J., Corgnet, B., Hernán-González, R., Ortiz, J. M., & Solà, C. (2021). Watching or not watching? Access to information and the incentive effects of firing threats. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization189, 672-685.