Assistant Professor

2001 Ph.D., Physics, The University of Texas at Austin.  2008 Ph.D., History & Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame


I am a philosopher of science, especially physics, with broad interdisciplinary interests.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF1-1-013


+971 2 599 3408

Teaching Areas

Cyber and digital security
Disruptive technologies (Blockchain, IoT, AI)
Wireless Networking
Educational Technologies

Research and Professional Activities

J. B. P., " Does a second-class primary constraint generate a gauge transformation? Electromagnetisms and gravities, massless and massive," _Annals of Physics_ 462 (2024) 169621.

J. B. P., Does Meta-induction Justify Induction: Or Maybe Something Else? _Journal for General Philosophy of Science_ 54 (2023), pp. 393–419.

J. B. P., "What represents spacetime? And what follows for substantivalism vs. relationalism and gravitational energy?" Invited chapter in _The Foundations of Spacetime Physics: Philosophical Perspectives_, edited by Antonio Vassallo. Routledge (2023), pp. 79-107.

J. B. P., "Peter Bergmann on observables in Hamiltonian general relativity: A historical-critical investigation," _Studies in History and Philosophy of Science_ 95 (2022) pp. 1-27.

J. B. P., "General relativity, mental causation, and energy conservation," _Erkenntnis_ 87 (2022) pp. 1931-1973.