2004, PhD in Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, USA


Jamal Al-Karaki is currently a full professor at CIS, Zayed university. He has a rich University career in education, service, and research. He holds a PhD degree (with Distinction) in Computer Engineering from the Iowa State University, USA, with Research Excellence Award. He has a proven record of progressive responsibility including leadership positions as a college Dean, Director of IT, Co-Founder and Dept. Head at various institutes. He led the development of some national centers in cyber security as well as undergraduate and graduate computing programs. As an active researcher, he develops plans to advance the research agenda at CIS. He Published 90+ refereed technical articles in scholarly international journals and conference proceedings. He is a senior member of IEEE and Tau Beta Pi. He is a member of Mohammad Bin Rashid Academy for Scientists in UAE and recently listed among the top 2% highly cited researchers in his field worldwide. He is also a certified reviewer for CAA and certified Pearson EDI verifier/assessor.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-1-11


+971 2 599 3559

Teaching Areas

Cyber and digital security
Disruptive technologies (Blockchain, IoT, AI)
Wireless Networking
Educational Technologies

Research and Professional Activities

JN Al‐Karaki, A Gawanmeh, IT Almalkawi, O Alfandi, “Probabilistic analysis of security attacks in cloud environment using hidden Markov models”, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 33 (4), e3915, 2022.

J Al-Karaki, D Pavithran, A Gawanmeh, “Integrating Blockchain with Fog and Edge Computing for Micropayment Systems”, Security Issues in Fog Computing from 5G to 6G, 93-112, 2022.

JN Al-Karaki, A Gawanmeh, S El-Yassami,” GoSafe: on the practical characterization of the overall security posture of an organization information system using smart auditing and ranking”, Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences, Volume 34, Issue 6, Part A, June 2022, Pages 3079-3095.

JN Al-Karaki, N Ababneh, Y Hamid, A Gawanmeh, “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Distance Learning in Higher Education during COVID-19 Global Crisis: UAE Educators’ Perspectives”, Contemporary Educational Technology 13 (3), 2021.

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