Assistant Professor

2021, Ph.D. Degree, Community Psychology, Wichita State University, Kansas, USA
2021, Public Health Graduate Certificate, School of Public Health, Wichita State University, Kansas, USA
2019, Master’s Degree in Arts, Community Psychology, Wichita State University, Kansas, USA
2015, Masters in Community Psychology, The American University in Cairo, Egypt


Hana Shahin received her Ph.D. in Community Psychology from Wichita State University, and her Master's from the American University in Cairo.

For the last six years, she has taught research methods and psychology classes at universities in the US and Egypt. Additionally, she has 15 years of work experience in the non-profit sector in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States, where she had the chance to implement and apply community psychology theory into practice. Some of the major projects she worked on included health and awareness, homelessness, juvenile justice, financial literacy, employment, strategic planning, empowerment evaluation, coalition/board development, needs assessments, events management, organizational development, cost-benefit analysis, program design, and evaluation, and grant writing and reporting. Additionally, she provided experiential education training for over ten years. She consulted on projects for youth in cross-cultural understanding, leadership, civic-education and engagement, and mentoring in the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.


Dubai Academic City, F-L2-031

Teaching Areas

Her research and community interventions have focused on wellness, burnout and compassion fatigue and satisfaction, sense of community, COVID-19, health and physical fitness, powerlifting, obesity, and civic education and engagement. Future research will continue focusing on wellness and community program development. Furthermore, other consultancies for organizations that she oversaw included conducting literature reviews, creating logic models and strategies for projects and organizations.

Research and Professional Activities

Lewis, R. K., Shahin, H., Brooks, K., Canare, R., & Malone, S. (2021). Strategic Planning Report. Storytime Village. Behavioral Community Research and Action Team. Wichita State University.

Lewis, R. K., Shahin, H., Brooks, Canare, R., & Malone, S. (2021). Juvenile Justice Community Action Report. Behavioral Community Research and Action Team. Wichita State University.

Shahin, H. (2020). Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together: Identifying Gaps and Highlighting Assets for Public and Private Entities to Develop Obesity Programs and Direct Best Practices in Egypt. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 11(1), 1¬–20.  

Building Examples of Community Psychology in Practice: Eliciting Student Contributions to the Community ToolBox, Hana Shahin, Christina Holt, June 2017, Community Practice Bulletin: Taking Action in the community

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