Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of South Paris 11, Paris, Wireless Ad Hoc Networks & Telecoms, 2010.

M.Sc. National Engineering School of Tunisia ENIT, Tunis, Networks & Telecoms, 2004.

B.Sc. University of Tunis EL Manar, Computer Science Engineering, 2001.


Dr. Fatma OUTAY is an Associate Professor and part of the inaugural faculty members in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) at Zayed University, Dubai. Prior to CIS, She joined the College of Technological Innovation (CTI), Zayed University in 2015. She is a senior researcher in Computer Engineering, IoT and Mobile Wireless Networks and Telecommunications. She holds a Ph.D. in Networks/Telecommunications from the University of Paris Sud 11 (France). Dr. Fatma has been an Assistant Professor at the high school of Business in Tunisia from 2004 to 2007. In earlier 2006, Dr. Fatma joined the University of Florida as an invited researcher and part of the “Smart Home for elderly people” project. Later, in 2007, she joined the University of Paris Sud 11 as a Lecturer/ATER. In 2008, she also led an international research project “CMCU: Committee Mixt of Universities Cooperation” in collaboration with the Tunisian Ministry of High Education and EGIDE France which is a key partner of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutions. In 2010, she joined the University of Paris 12 as an Assistant Professor. She joined later, in 2011, Telecoms Sud Paris as a Post Doc researcher. From 2008 to 2012, during her Ph.D. and Post Doc position, Dr. Fatma has participated in several national and international research projects mainly Poseidon and Cariocas in collaboration with Alcatel Lucent, Thales, Orange Labs and other academic institutions in Europe. Dr. Fatma has published several papers in referred journals and conferences. She is active in the research field by being part of international conferences organization committees. During her academic Career, Dr. Fatma has been an active member in some Tunisian programs based on national solidarity like the presidential 21-21 program aimed to facilitate the integration of young people and generally all job seekers in the labor market, C2I certification program, ATTR association, etc. Prior to working at Zayed University, Dr. Fatma has joined Bouygues Telecoms in 2012, which is one of the three main Telecoms Operators /ISPs in France, as a “Wi-Fi Expert/Architect“ for three years enabling negotiation of SLA agreements and defining technical support and incident management processes with different contributors and suppliers implementing internal and external processes as per ITIL recommendations.


Dubai Academic City, F-L2-045


+971 4 402 1789

Teaching Areas

  • Wireless Networks/ Sensors Networks

  • Vehicular Networks/ CAV ( Connected and Autonomous Vehicles)

  • IoT/ Smart Cities

  • Road Safety and ITS

  • Smart Construction and Safety / AR

Research and Professional Activities

F Outay, N Jabeur, H Haddad, Z Bouyahia. “ A Framework for Self-Inspection Buildings Based on Augmented Reality Agents”. Computing and Informatics Journal (2022). Volume 41, Issue 2, PP 479–502-479–502

F Outay, S Galland, N Gaud, A Abbas-Turki. “Simulation of connected driving in hazardous weather conditions: general and extensible multiagent architecture and models”. Elsevier Ltd, Engineering applications of artificial intelligence (2021). Volume 104, Pages 116-129 (Q1 Journal)

Y El-Hansali, F Outay, AYasar, S Farrag, M Shoaib, M Imran, H Hussain Awan. “Smart Dynamic Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement System”.  Computers, Materials and Continua (2021) (Tech Science Press). Volume 67, Issue 3, Pages 2797(Q1 Journal)

F Outay, N Jabeur, H Haddad, Z Bouyahia, H Gharrad. “Toward an Intelligent Driving Behavior Adjustment Based on Legal Personalized Policies Within the Context of Connected Vehicles”. Frontiers in Built Environment (2021), Pages 92 (Q2 Journal)

F Outay, HA Mengash, M Adnan. “Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in 1 Road Safety, Traffic and Highway Infrastructure Management: Recent Advances and Challenges”. Elsevier, Transportation Research Part A (2020).  Volume 141, Pages 116-129 (Q1 Journal)