Assistant Professor

University of Aberdeen, 2019, Ph.D. in Sociology


Emanuela Buscemi is an interdisciplinary scholar in the social sciences based in the UAE. Her research focuses on social movements and resistance, gender politics, performance, memory, and belonging in the Arabian Gulf and Latin America. Her upcoming edited volume "Gulf Women's Lives: Voice, Space, Place" will be published by the University of Exeter Press in May 2024. 


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF1-1-012

Teaching Areas

Social sciences: sociology, international relations

Research and Professional Activities

Buscemi, E., Alshammari, S and Kaposi, I. (Eds.) (Scheduled for publication in May 2024). Gulf Women’s Lives: Voice, Space, Place. University of Exeter Press.

Buscemi, E. (Scheduled for publication in May 2024). Bodies on the margins: Nonconforming subjectivities in Gulf women’s literature. In E.

Buscemi, S. Alshammari, and I. Kaposi (Eds). Gulf Women’s Lives: Voice, Space, Place. University of Exeter Press. Buscemi, E. (2023). Deploying private memory in the virtual sphere: feminist activism against gender-based violence in Mexico. International Journal of Communication, 17, 2180-2199. [SCOPUS Q1]

Martínez Cairo, B. and Buscemi, E. (2022). Latin American Decolonial Feminisms: theoretical perspectives and challenges. Les Cahiers ALHIM: Amérique Latine Histoire et Mémoire, special issue on Feminist Territories in Latin America: Peripheral Voices, 42, 9-21.

Alcaraz Alonso, D. M., Méndez Ortiz, D. V. and Buscemi, E. (2022). Un día sin nosotras: the 2020 women's strike against gender-based violence in Mexico between intersectionality and activism. Culture e studi del sociale, special issue on Intersectionality, migration and decolonial studies: avenues of investigation and critical praxis, 7(2), 268-276.