Assistant Professor

2013, PhD Education, University of Nottingham, UK

2008, MA Educational Research Methods, University of Nottingham, UK

2003, MA Clinical Linguistic Research, University of Reading, UK

2002, BA Psychology, The American College of Greece


Dr. Efthymia Efthymiou, a professional in special education and Assistant Professor at Zayed University in the UAE focuses her research on inclusive teaching practices, classroom discourse, and creating supportive educational environments for all students, including those with special needs. She strives to understand the perspectives of various stakeholders, fostering inclusive systems. Her work examines the impact of physical and psychological environments on inclusion, emphasizing technology-based teaching to address digital disparities. Beyond research, Dr. Efthymia conducts workshops for UAE federal schoolteachers, aiming to equip them with tools for inclusive learning environments. Her recent publications discuss the challenges faced by teachers and students with special needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the digital divide. She advocates for equitable educational participation, considering unique student needs. Dr. Efthymia’s dedication to inclusive education, addressing educational disparities, and advocating for equal opportunities reflects her commitment to creating more equitable educational environments.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-1-006


+971 2 599 3563

Teaching Areas

special education; classroom discourse; inclusive education; inclusive pedagogies

Research and Professional Activities

Efthymiou, E. (2023). Regulating Discourse: How Children With and Without SEND Internalize the Evaluative Framework of Adults. SAGE Open, 13(4).

AlMuhairy, O., Efthymiou, E., ElHoweris, H., Alshathly, M., & Sartawi, A. (2023) Development of the Emirati Child Adaptation Scale (ECAS) for Assessing the Behavioral Adaptation Skills of Children with and without Disabilities in the UAE. Education Sciences. 13(4):406.

Meda, L., Efthymiou, E., AlHammadi, M., Williams, C. & Fteiha, M. (2023). Conceptualizing and Reimagining the Future of Inclusive Education in the UAE. Open Education Studies, 5(1), 20220205.

Efthymiou, E. (Ed., 2023) Inclusive phygital learning approaches and strategies for students with special needs. Pennsylvania: IGI Global.

Efthymiou, E. (2024). Embracing Neurodiversity: Fostering Empowerment and Redefining Autism Support. In S. Jamanis & D. Vogler-Elias (Eds.), Autism, Neurodiversity, and Equity in Professional Preparation Programs (pp. 180-202). IGI Global.