Assistant Professor

2018, PhD in Cultural and Communication (Media studies concentration), University of Belgrade


Danica has 10 years of experience in higher education across teaching, research, and administrative roles. She served as an Assistant to the Dean from 2016 to 2018 (FMK, Belgrade,) and as a coordinator of the Accreditation team (FMK, Belgrade) from 2017 to 2021. During her first years of teaching, she was a mentor on three master thesis. She worked as a journalist at the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade, FMK radio, and MONDO portal. She is the winner of the award given by the Delegation of the EU in Serbia, for the best student contribution on European integration (2011). From 2019 Danica has been a member of the Culture forum of the European movement in Serbia. Since 2022, she is a reviewer for the Serbian National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NEAQA). Her research interests are related to empirical insights into relation of media towards health minority groups, food, new technologies, political processes, etc.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, FF3-2-035

Teaching Areas

Media and cultural criticism, Media storytelling, Media Production

Research and Professional Activities

Čigoja Piper, D. (2023). Tastes of Socotra in New Media: What do we know About Socotri from Looking at Their (Digital) Plate?. In: Slak Valek, N., Zedan, A.A. (eds) A Social View of Socotra Island. Springer, Singapore, pp 53 – 66.

Čigoja Piper, Danica. (2022). Medijsko uokvirivanje Ujedinjenih Arapskih Emirata na Zapadnom Balkanu [Media Framing of the United Arab Emirates in Western Balkan]. Politički život, no. 23, Faculty of Political Science, Belgrade, Serbia, pp 101 – 109.

Čigoja Piper, Danica. (2022).Odvažni ljudi: od negativnog do pozitivnog medijskog diskursa o invalidnosti u medijima Ujedinjenih Arapskih Emirata [People of determination: From negative to positive media discourse on disability in the United Arab Emirates media]. In: Draskovic, B., Kleut, J., Milinkov S. (eds) Digitalne medijske tehnologije i društveno-obrazovne promene, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia, pp 239 - 251.

Yuryna Connolly, Lena and Čigoja Piper, Danica. (2022). "Media framing of cybercrime: improving victims' reporting rates", ECIS 2022, Romania, Research-in-Progress Papers (June 2022). 35.

Al Mazrouei, Maitha, Čigoja Piper, Danica and Yuryna Connolly, Lena. (2022). "Beware of Titles: Analysing Media Reporting of Cybercrime in UK and UAE", Cyber Research Conference Ireland (April 2022), Atlantic Technological University, Galway, Ireland.