Ph.D. in Mathematics Algebra | University of Galway, Ireland | 2023.

M.Sc. in Mathematics | Damascus University, Syria | 2010.


I hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Galway University Ireland, and a M.Sc. in Mathematics from Damascus University. I am a Fellow of the Advanced Higher Education Academy and a certified Specialist in Digital Teaching and Learning, as well as a Certified Blended Learning Practitioner. I am researching Algebra Group Theory, and Linear Algebra.

In 2020, I assumed the role of a course coordinator, and in 2023, I joined the College of Interdisciplinary Studies. Since joining Zayed University in 2015, I have dedicated myself to enhancing the student learning experience. I have developed student-centered materials, including e-books spanning mathematics and science, and designed a comprehensive Blackboard online course tailored for fundamental mathematics. Alongside teaching, I actively coordinate extracurricular activities and workshops, enriching the student experience.

As a dedicated mathematician and educator, I derive immense satisfaction from advancing my own knowledge and sharing it through teaching.


Dubai Academic City, D-L2-002


+971 4 402 1530

Teaching Areas

Teaching undergraduate courses in Mathematics, Statistics, and programming: Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Group Theory, Probability Theory & Statistics, Calculus for Finance and Economics, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, Python.

Designing and creating interactive e-books using Articulate Storyline, as well as building and developing online courses in the LMS

Creating and coordinating extracurricular activities such as events and workshops.

Research and Professional Activities

Saleh, D. & Quinlan, R. "2-uniform covering groups of elementary abelian 2-groups" in Communications in Algebra (2023) [DOI:]

Saleh, D. & Hanano, A. "The Extension of group C(n) by means of a direct product of two cyclic groups of order p" in Damascus University Journal for Basic Sciences (2010) [ISSN: 1726-5487].


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