Associate Professor

2000, PhD, Leipzig University/Germany
2007, Habilitation, Leipzig University/Germany


Anke Reichenbach is Associate Professor of Anthropology. Among her current research interests are ethnography of the Middle East, Gulf ethnography, urban anthropology, heritage and identity, and popular culture. She has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Syria, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. She holds a PhD in anthropology and Middle East studies from Leipzig University, Germany, where she also obtained her Habilitation in anthropology. Her recent publications are on gendered constructions of urban space and on forms of belonging and emotional attachment in Gulf cities.


Dubai Academic City

Teaching Areas

Gulf ethnography, urban anthropology, popular culture.

Research and Professional Activities

Reichenbach, Anke, 2021, Sweet Tongues: The Rhetoric of Politeness in Damascus. In: Jon Abbink & Shauna LaTosky (eds.) Rhetoric and Social Relations. Dialectics of Bonding and Contestation. Studies in Rhetoric and Culture Vol. 8, Oxford: Berghahn Books, pp. 205-232.

Reichenbach, Anke & Najla Ibrahim, 2019, “Pulling At Our Heartstrings”: Emirati-Themed Leisure Venues as Places of Belonging. In: Urban Anthropology 48 (1, 2): 129-182.

Reichenbach, Anke, 2019, “We share a beautiful moment, then we walk away”: Dancing Argentine Tango in Dubai.” In: The Near East and Georgia (Special Section on Popular Cultures Between Site and Flow) 11/1: 497-512.