Associate Professor

2004. PhD. Language Teaching and Learning. The University of Auckland.
1995. MA. Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Azad University.


Amir Kaviani has taught at tertiary level for more than two decades. He has a BA in Translation Studies and an MA in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. He also has a PhD in Language Teaching and Learning from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Amir has been teaching undergraduate courses at Zayed University since 2011. In addition to being an external examiner of MA theses and PhD dissertations, Amir has served on the editorial boards of several journals in the areas of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and Higher Education Studies. He has published articles, presented at conferences and conducted workshops in the areas of Language Teaching and Learning, Testing and Assessment in Higher Education and Curriculum Development. Amir is interested in Educational Psychology and Philosophy and in particular the role of cognitive and affective factors in learning. His current research explores the innovative ecologies of teaching and learning.


Dubai Academic City, F-L2-005


+971 4 402 1494

Teaching Areas

Applied Linguistics, Language Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Testing.

Research and Professional Activities

Bailey, F., Kaviani, A., Johnson, J. D., Eppard, J., & Johnson, H. (2022). Changing the narrative on COVID-19: Shifting mindsets and teaching practices in higher education. Policy Futures in Education, 20(4), 492–508. 

Hojeij, Z., Tamim, R., Kaviani, A., & Papagianni, C. (2021). E-books and digital storytelling for Emirati school children: Project-based learning for pre-service teachers. Issues in Educational Research, 31(4), 1067–1087.

Eppard, J., Kaviani, A., Bowles, M., & Johnson, J. (2021). EdTech Culturation: Integrating A Culturally Relevant Pedagogy into Educational Technology. Electronic Journal of e-Learning, 19(6).

Hojeij, Z., Meda, L., & Kaviani, A. (2021). Using reflective journals for analysing pre-service, early childhood teachers’ perceptions of practicum experiences. Issues in Educational Research, 31(1), 130–148.

Kaviani, A., McKeown, K., & Eppard, J. (2021). Reflections on Teachers and Students’ Views on Teaching and Learning Experiences at University: A Diary Study. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 10(1), 71.