PhD in Leadership and Policy Studies in Education, UAE University, UAE

Master of Science in Corporate Management, Tongji University, Shanghai, China 

B.S.Sc. in  Public Administration, Financial Management, KIMEP University, Kazakhstan


Aizhan is currently a faculty instructor at the College of Interdisciplinary Studies at Zayed University. She received an International Chinese Government Scholarship and completed her 2-year master’s degree in corporate management at Tongji University, Shanghai, China. She was a recipient of a graduate fellowship to pursue her PhD in Leadership and Policy Studies in Education at the College of Education (CEDU), UAE University. Aizhan has more than ten years of international experience in higher education, including teaching, research, academic and career advising, and management. She was a Visiting Ph.D. Doctoral Scholar at the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge, in Fall 2022. She served as an assistant editor of the International Journal of Research in Education (IJRE) and a well-being officer at the Emirates Center for Happiness Research, UAEU. She was a committee member and reviewer in SIG 168: Graduate and Postdoctoral Education Across Disciplines, American Education Research Association (AERA), Labor Studies Division - Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP), and Education and Digital Sociology Committee, International Sociological Association (ISA), and World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR). Aizhan has presented at national and international conferences and published her work internationally in peer-reviewed SCOPUS-indexed journals and books. She is currently involved in various research projects. Her research interests focus on interdisciplinary studies, higher education, youth employability and employment, labor studies, leadership development, student learning and engagement, career and skills development, gender studies, graduate studies, well-being and happiness, media, digitalization, digital capital, the Middle East countries (MENA) and the Post-Soviet countries.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF1-1 - 056


+971 2 599 3819

Teaching Areas

Interdisciplinary studies, general education, higher education, youth employability and employment, leadership development, student learning and engagement, career and skills development, statistics, research methods, survey development, academic writing, CELTA,

Research and Professional Activities

Shomotova A. & Ibrahim A. (2023). Validation of measurement scales for undergraduate students’ self-perceived employability and university commitment in the United Arab Emirates. Education and Training Journal.  Education + Training. DOI:10.1108/ET-01-2023-0021

Shomotova, A., & Karabchuk, T. (2023). Transition to Online Teaching Under COVID-19: The Case Study of UAE University. In Gulf Studies (pp. 141–160). Gulf Studies.

Abdellatif, S.; Shomotova, A.; Trabelsi, S.; Husain, S.; Alsalhi, N.R.; Eltahir, M. (2023). Transition to Distance Learning: Student Experience and Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United Arab Emirates. Sustainability, 15.

Poplavskaya, A., Karabchuk, T., & Shomotova, A. (2023). Unemployment Challenge and Labor Market Participation of Arab Gulf Youth: A Case Study of the UAE. In Gulf Studies (pp. 511–529). Gulf Studies.

Shomotova A., and Karabchuk T. (2022). Navigating the COVID-19: Female Ph.D. students coping strategies with family, academic, and job duties. Journal of International Women's Studies, 23(3), 57-75.