Assistant Professor

2018, Doctoral degree in Natural Sciences (Chemistry), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany 2014,

Master's degree in Natural Sciences (Chemistry), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany


Dr. Abdulmonem Fetyan is a chemist with a focus on renewable energy and energy storage. His doctoral degree dissertation focused on the fabrication and modification of carbon electrode materials for redox flow batteries.
Dr. Fetyan's research is focused on applied electrochemistry as well as developing new nano-composite and carbon material and developing prototypes for long-duration energy storage applications. He has published many peer-reviewed articles in reputed journals such as the Journal of Energy Chemistry, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Journal of Energy Storage, Journal of Power Sources, etc. He has three filed patent applications in the field of energy storage.
Dr. Fetyan has attended several professional training such as ISO 17025 Laboratory Management Systems, and he is a certified external auditor for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

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+971 4 402 1520

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Research and Professional Activities

Abdulmonem Fetyan, Bronston P. Benetho, Musbaudeen O. Bamgbopa, (2023), Organized macro-scale membrane size reduction in vanadium redox flow batteries: Part 1. General concept,

Abdulmonem Fetyan, Musbaudeen O. Bamgbopa, Anugrah Andisetiawan, Ayoob Alhammadi, Rahmat A. Susantyoko, (2023), Evaluation of Asymmetric Flow Rates for Better Performance Vanadium Redox Flow Battery,

Abdulmonem Fetyan, Gumaa A. El Nagar, Iver Lauermann, Maike Schnucklake, Jonathan Schneider, Christina Roth, (2019), Detrimental role of hydrogen evolution and its temperature-dependent impact on the performance of vanadium redox flow batteries,

Abdulmonem Fetyan a, Gumaa A. El-Nagar, Igor Derr, Paul Kubella, Holger Dau, Christina Roth, (2018), A neodymium oxide nanoparticle-doped carbon felt as promising electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries,

Gumaa A. El-Nagar, Mohamed A. Hassan, Abdulmonem Fetyan, Manoj Krishna Kayarkatte, Iver Lauermann, Christina Roth, (2017), A promising N-doped carbon-metal oxide hybrid electrocatalyst derived from crustacean’s shells: Oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution.