College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Paul-J-HopkinsonDean’s Welcome Message

Prof. Paul J. Hopkinson PhD, PGCHE, BA (HONS), MCIM, FHEA, FAMS

A warm welcome to you all!

The College of Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) at Zayed University is a pioneering innovation, which seeks to graduate the future builders of the nation —the doers who are captains of industries and arts; the thinkers who can inspire a generation. CIS seeks to nurture agile and dynamic minds, lateral and creative thinkers who have the transferable skills and know-how to thrive in the 21st century workforce.

Our programs equip graduates to advance business innovation and societal transformation through a teaching approach that focuses on interdisciplinary education and applied skills.  Academic studies show that interdisciplinary students are more likely to develop effective cognitive skills; reading, writing, speaking, and thinking skills; higher curiosity for learning; more creativity and originality in thought processes; and an ability to integrate traditional ideas with current ideas.

All incoming students undertake a suite of innovative General Education courses to put in place the foundations for success. These programs, the first of their kind in the UAE, are carefully designed and integrated courses which will develop the soft skills students need for their future careers. Students move on to take core programs in their chosen areas before specializing in the subject of their choice.

Classes at ZU combine state-of-the-art in-class technologies, cutting-edge pedagogies, and project-based learning, providing an interactive, student-led learning experience that is second to none.

From day one, alongside their chosen degree subjects, students partake in real world work experience, alongside industry mentors and dedicated career coaches. These mentors come from leading industries and are experts in their fields. This practical experience opens students’ eyes to the opportunities available to them when they graduate and, from the get-go, establishes and builds valuable professional networks.

Taken together, the new Zayed University offers unique opportunities for its students and delivers an education that is truly fit for the future.