Assistant Professor

2018, PhD in Philosophy, University of Texas


I got my PhD at the University of Texas in 2018, before teaching at the University of California-Davis for a couple of years. Then I came to Zayed. My work is in ethics and the history of ethics. I’m currently working on a project where I try to apply an insight from Plato’s Republic to better understand the nature of moral virtue.


Dubai Academic City, Remote



Teaching Areas


Research and Professional Activities

Forthcoming: “A Defense of Global Theological Voluntarism” Faith and Philosophy

2022: “Mind-Dependence and Normative Principles” Philosophical Studies

2020: “Grounding the Normative: A Problem for Structured Non-Naturalism” Philosophical Studies 177: 173-96

2019: “Can Theists Avoid Epistemological Objections to Moral (and Normative) Realism?” Faith and Philosophy 36: 291-312

2019: “Grounding Thick Normative Facts” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 100: 408-31.