Internships are intended to match the academic backgrounds and strengths of students, their interests, and future career ambitions. 

Who is ready for internship?

Typically, senior students sign up for the HSS 490 internship class in their last semester. The duration of an internship is 7 weeks and total of 205 work hours.

Eligible students will be contacted ahead of time by the Students Career Center (Jane Tatterton AUH and Naseema Al Marzooqi DXB) to apply through the Career portal (CV and SP Agreement to be uploaded). The Career Center offers a number of workshops for internship students that have proven to be very useful (CV writing, Interview Skills & Professionalism etc).

Course Requirements

4 short essays and an Arabic language presentation along with several other minor requirements as stated on the syllabus.

Aims and Goals of an Internship

  • Internships provide hands-on learning experiences and allow students to explore valuable networking opportunities.
  • Internships allow students to apply coursework knowledge to a professional workplace environment (real world settings)
  • Internships expose students to different cultures and help improve communications skills
  • Internships often/frequently lead job offers
  • Internships are stepping stones for careers in public, private, and nonprofit businesses and organizations

Career Opportunities

Press Department  Attaché

Social Media Specialist 

Communications Manager


Public Relations Specialist

Think Tank Researcher


Art Museum



The following institutions and organizations have hosted HSS students as interns in recent years: