Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs (MADIA)

This program is designed to prepare professionals ready to contribute with innovative ideas to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century in the public and private sectors. It offers a range of theoretically rigorous and policy-oriented courses taught by experienced and qualified faculty from a range of multicultural and professional backgrounds. Students gain important knowledge in diplomatic affairs, local and international history, the dynamics of the global economy, theories of international relations, the contemporary politics of oil as well as a detailed focus on the political and economic importance of various regions. In order to earn the degree, students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of study. Twenty-four (24) credit hours must be taken from Core Courses and six (6) credit hours from Area Studies Courses.

MADIA Courses: 

  • POL623: International Relations

  • HIS633: Diplomatic History: The Shaping of Contemporary International Affairs

  • POL643: International Political Economy

  • POL653: Public Diplomacy

  • LAW663: The United Arab Emirates: Political and Administrative Structure

  • POL673: International Relations of the U.A.E.

  • POL683: Politics of Oil

  • POL693: Security Studies

  • POL614: Area Studies: The Middle East

  • POL615: Area Studies: Africa

  • POL616: Area Studies: East Asia

  • POL617: Area Studies: Latin America

  • POL618: Area Studies: Modern Turkey

For more information on course Delivery Format and admission requirements, please visit Graduate Studies Deanship.