Omnia Amin



Dr. Omnia Amin earned her PhD in Modern and Contemporary English Literature and Feminist Theory from Queen Mary College, University of London. She is an author, translator and Professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Zayed University in Dubai, UAE. Omnia works with leading-edge implications for the Humanities of the concepts of quantum physics and the archetypes of mythology, for the empowerment of women and the spiritual evolution of humanity. She is involved in the contemporary cultural and art scene in the Middle East and works with many artists around the world. She is an active member in NGO’s, including the Arab Thought Forum and is Vice President for the Nawal El Saadawi Foundation for Thought and Creativity.

Recently Omnia has been a recipient of a Senior Fellowship at New York University in Abu Dhabi for her book on gender and socio-cultural changes reflected in Emirati Theatre. She serves as an academic and art consultant for The Emirates Festival of Literature, The Fujairah Media and Cultural Authority and The Jordanian Ministry of Culture. She is also the Editor in Chief of a literature series for Palgrave-Macmillan.

Roles and Responsibilities


Member of College Promotion Standing Committee

Member of BA Task Force Committee for Social Sciences


Member of Curriculum Review Committee

Member of Conference Committee

Member of Publishing Committee

Member of Academic Research Committee

Member of Hiring Committee

Coordinator of Col 240 Composition course

Member of Colloquy (General Education) Steering Committee (developing and revising courses)

Member of Colloquy Steering Sub-Committee

Member of College Academic Affairs Committee


PhD: Femininity and the Psychology of Clothing in the Novels of Virginia Woolf, University of London. Awarded 1996.
MA in Modern and Contemporary British Literature, University of London, 1990.                                                   BA in English and Comparative Literature (with minor in TV Management and Production), The American University in Cairo, 1989.


Arab Thought Forum

Art of Living Foundation

Nawal El Saadawi Institute for Thought and Creativity

High Committee for Judging the Monodrama Competition, Fujairah Media and Culture Authority


Cultural Consultant for the Jordanian Ministry of Culture

Academic Consultant for the Fujairah Media and Culture Authority

Academic Consultant for the Emirates Literature Festival


English, Arabic and French

Informal Interests

Spiritual cinema, travel to energy spots, yoga and meditation, self-improvement and reading.


Research and Professional Activities



Research interests:

Gender and socio-cultural change, Emirati literature, Biophotonic art movement, comparative studies, comparative literature, feminist studies, empowerment of women, literary writing.

Current Projects:

Emirati theatre:

Amin, O. (2019).  Folding the Veil: Gender and Socio-Cultural Changes Reflected in Emirati Theatre.   (Work in progress).

Creative writing:

Amin, O. (2019). Silence. (Work in Progress).


Amin, O. (2020). The Biophotonic Art Movement.


Gender; women; creativity; contemporary art; Jordanian literature; Emirati theatre; Emirati poetry; Emirati literature; comparative literature; Biophotonic art; Arab literature; modern and contemporary literature; creative writing; literary translation.

Teaching Areas


Undergraduate courses: Critical Theory; World Poetry; Drama; World Fiction; Critical Thinking; Introduction to Culture and Society; Culture and Heritage of the Gulf; Politics of Identity; World Cinemas; Film and Literature; Senior Seminar; Special Topics; Independent Study; Applied Research Methods; Capstone; Colloquy.



Amin, O. (2017). A meter of exile. Full Bleed (Journal of Art & Design), Issue 1 (Summer 2017). Maryland Institute College of Art, USA, pp. 88-99.