James Lockhart

Assistant Professor

James Lockhart specializes in American foreign relations, security and intelligence, and the Global South in the modern and contemporary period. He earned his doctorate at the University of Arizona, which remains listed by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions as R1 for "very high research activity." His work has been published in outlets that encompass history and area studies, foreign policy, security and intelligence studies, war studies, and professional military education (PME) in the United States and the United Kingdom, including the International History Review, the Journal of Advanced Military Studies, and War on the Rocks. Based on the strength of the contributions to the advancement of historical knowledge of his book, Chile, the CIA and the Cold War: A Transatlantic Perspective (Edinburgh University Press, 2019), he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Intelligence History, and as a peer reviewer for Intelligence and National Security and also the International History Review. His current book project, which will be published by Georgetown University Press in 2024, assesses the career of Lt. Gen. Vernon Walters and southern South American intelligence in the late Cold War. It is partly based on special access to Walters's calendars and diaries, as well as the declassified record and other archival information from American, Brazilian, Paraguayan, Argentine, and Chilean holdings. Lockhart's research has been funded by the Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson presidential foundations, and by the Gen. George Marshall Foundation, too. He has lived in Dubai for more than five years.


Research and Professional Activities

Lockhart researches American foreign relations, security and intelligence, and the Global South. His writing and publications explore multiarchival and multilingual sources in holdings throughout the United States, Europe, and Latin America, interpreting them through an interdisciplinary lens that blends history, politics, area studies, security and intelligence studies, Cold War studies, and the war on terrorism. It advances the cutting edge of security and intelligence beyond the Anglosphere, incorporating approaches and practices of intelligence from the perspectives of actors from the developing world, particularly from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Teaching Areas

At ZU, Lockhart’s advising and teaching support students in the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) program and also the Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs (MADIA).

His qualifications in curriculum design and planning, assessment of the effectiveness of teaching and learning, and reaching socially and culturally diverse students include his election as Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), by AdvanceHE in the United Kingdom, and a certificate in higher education pedagogy from Harvard’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.

Before joining the faculty at ZU, Lockhart lectured at the University of Arizona, the Embry-Riddle College of Security and Intelligence, and the American University in Dubai’s Department of International and Middle Eastern Studies. He has offered courses and graduate seminars on American foreign relations, Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA), global security and intelligence studies, US-East Asian relations, Vietnam and the Cold War in East Asia, American military in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, asymmetrical warfare, and the CIA and covert operations.


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